I inhale light. It flows through my body. I breathe out. All consumed energy leaves my body. Light is our energy carrier and the basis of all life. We need it for daily life. If it is missing, we become ill. These statements apply to esoteric as well as to scientific level. In the project LightBreathing/LichtAtmung I have developed a tool that supports a very common breathing technique from Yoga (Pranayama), underlines the calming effect of this technique and is suitable for learning the technique.

With Anuloma Viloma, also called alternating breathing, breathing in and out is done at a certain interval. One changes back and forth between the left and right nostril. It is said that the two halves of the body are harmonized and the body comes to rest. If you use the light as a kind of visualization of breathing, you can also perceive this calming effect and share it with others.

Used media are MaxMSP, Arduino Electronics, a Ikea Lamp

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