Thoughts on day and night

What you see here is the confrontation with our ecosystem, with views from recent decades, with a tree and with the flow of energy. Can you see, feel, hear the energy?
If it were up to the brothers Howard and Eugene Odum,which coined the term ecosystem in the 1960s, you should now see here a perfect analysis tool. But over the years, it has been shown time and again that their simplifications and mechanical trains of thought cannot be equated with the image of reality neither on a scientific level nor on an emotional level. Nevertheless, their research has made a decisive contribution to our understanding of the interrelationships in nature and continues to provide a large playing field for our own experiments.

So what you see, hear and experience here is the proportion of sunshine hours on 21 March 2011 compressed to 2.4 minutes.
This date is the day of the forest in the year of the forest. The various circuits, one purple, one orange, receive their energy from the light, react to it and collect it for processes at night.

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